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23 April 2004
I have a chipped PS2 and am dying to play PES5 online.

I have the original game - get past DNAS verification but it comes up with the error message unable to register.

I believe if someone else sets it up for you, then can use this set up and start playing.

Please would somebody be so kind to get me set up with an id and password.

I would be so greatful.

Thanks in advance

Deacon Brown

League 2
9 August 2003
Beckenham Kent
Tottenham Hotspurs
M8 im not sure why u can't log in, it had nothing to do with u having a chipped PS2.

It could be ur ISP.

I have a chipped PS2 and it connects ok, but i have had this happen to me once before. So im sure its nothing to do with u having a chip.

PM me what username and password u want and i will do it.


First of all be sure that you turn off you PS2´s chip if you have one... There are many ways to turn it off, it dependes on the chip model. You have to press Standby until the blue light of ejevt button appears or you have to press start after turning PS2 off and "Chip disabled" will appear.

I have a frind that had this problem even turning off the chip so the solution was trying to register with another PlayStation2 (ask your friend, it takes 5 minutes!) and then it worked. Now he plays on his PS2 and he has no problems loggin in. However when he wants to register an new ID he has to use another PS2.

Good luck and try this! It will work.
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