Reminder for those that haven't ordered WE10 yet - $5 off at Play Asia

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28 February 2002
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Just a reminder that ordering from Play Asia and entering the code GO-FOR-WEX at checkout will knock $5 off the price.

Using the links on the forums will also help contribute towards the time/money put into this site over the years, thanks. :)


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21 February 2003
Stickied for the ponderers. :D

And just to add, to get the coupon for $5 off, you need to order before release day!

So no moaning if you miss out due to procrastinating over it. ;)
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21 February 2003
hitmanuk2k4 said:
I can't say I appriciate you guys stealing our code which we were given exclusively by Play-Asia.

You can rest assured we cleared the use of ANY promotional code with the origin of it. We didn't steal any code.

We also made no big issue out of the fact you posted a topic here with your own referral code nicely disguised within it. So I dont think you have any case for being perturbed. :nono:


10 June 2003
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While I have somebodies attention... Can you merge this account with my hitmanuk2k which I lost the password for and then couldn't recover (I don't remember why since it was over a year ago).

You can then feel free to delete these posts.

EDIT: Ok it seems that other account got pruned, so just lose the 4 from this name if you can. Thanks.
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