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4 November 2006
I see that everyone is uploading their replays and hosting them on Youtube so others can see them. I tried to figure out how to do this (I have PES6 for PC) but I am lost. I have searched the forums multiple times without luck. A walk through would be much appreciated or just tell me where to go to get the info the change the format of the file so I can actually watch it not just in the game. Thanks.


AKA InvincibleAjay
6 December 2004
United Kingdom
Visit my site, I have a full tutorial there, choose creating replay movies. The process for PES6 is practically the same.

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4 February 2006
Fraps (and other video capture programs, it seems) are REALLY slowing my system down - I can't get a good capture as the frame rate is far too jerky.

My computer runs the game at a solid 55+ frames per second on 1152 x 864 resolution, so I'm sure my computer should be able to handle it well. Any idea why this is happening?
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