[REQ]Excel File for WE9


* WE@holic *
24 March 2005
São Paulo F.C.
I downloaded the file now... and it works fine...

Let´s try again... After you click in the rapidshare link... a new page will be open... click in the button "FREE" (bottom of the page)... other new page will be open... wait some seconds... choose a mirror to download... enter with the code (3 letters)... and click in download... ;)


24 March 2006
Download-session invalid. Please click here.

Possible reasons:

Download-session expired. Direct-links last a few minutes for free users and a few days for premium-users.
You requested this download-session from a different IP than yours. If you use AOL, try a different browser.

can you send me by e-mail?
my e-mail address is dokoham@hotmail.com

thanks. :)


* WE@holic *
24 March 2005
São Paulo F.C.
You´re welcome... ;)

I like classic teams... but I prefer play with actual teams... actual players... for exemple... score a goal with Ronaldo and scream in the ear of my friend: "ROOOONALDO!!!"... :lmao: ... I think it´s more funny...

I will add you in my msn... ;)




Hello,sorry for my poor english...
I'v try to download the pes editor but i've understand that i need an option file of pes5;first of all i'm using we9 (it's good anyway?);second i'm playing with an italian patch (wendetta lab 2.0);no one has the option file of this version?(i don't have xport for transfer on pc my option file!)
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