Return of the 'Boni. A FIFA 16 Total Conversion back to 95


9 December 2018
Ladies and Gentleman,

my Name is Boni- Jimboni
The God almighty send me all the way to FIFA.
Ok i have to admit.. First he send me to PES 2013.

Yea... i know.. FIFA...

"Why not continue on PES, Boni?"
Because PES has not the Possibilities i got with FIFA...

Revolution Mod makes everything possible

At least i can have here 1-11 Squad Number System, 2 and 3 Point Rules, Old Champions League and UEFA Cup, Sleeve Patches ect...

Following Pics might be outdated ( Minikits for example)

Bundesliga 1+2 are finished with Rosters and the other Shit
Premier League also
Serie A is missing some Jerseys
La Liga is missing 8 Teams Roster wise.
National Teams coming after the Leagues are complete..

I am working quite a while now on this and i need more attention and audience.
The guys who are longer here, now that i am clearly a attention whore



21 June 2012
Ooohhhhh what a boy you are! Greeeeat. I love legends .... I love this kind of things ... specially 90´s and milenium players were legendary and magical.

I wish, if you could make similar conversion in Fifa 19! :-) If you do this with 19, i will suck your dick :D :D .... no, I like only girls, but this is huge!

Btw. I have a question, I suppose you are an expert. Is it possible players created in one squad... is it possible to import them into another different squad? Is some good software for this kind of import between squads? Because I like some squads and I want to make them all in one.
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