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Returning to PES


15 August 2018
Hi Guys,

New member just joined so first of all hi to all.

I have been playing Fifa since UT came about but think the time is right to go back to my PES roots as it’s just not fun for me any longer, I want to play an actual game of football rather than who has the fastest players !

Question is I currently play on XBO but having read some of the threads it looks like PS4 or Pro is the way to go for PES

I still have my Ps3 but never made the jump to the PS4 as yet

I’m running a decent quality Samsung 1080p tv which in all honesty will probably last a good few years more and have no plans to replace for a little while, so am I best biting the bullet and going PS4 pro from the outset as there are other games I’m fancying such as RDR2 / Fallout 72 later in the year ?

Or plump for a PS slim or just stick XBO ?

I’ve read a bit about kits / team imports but think I’m right in saying this is PS/PC only

I’m probably gonna spend most of my time on MyClub as I used to enjoy UT until recent when things started being monotonous

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance
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