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RGB/Scart on a PAL Nintendo 64 - What's the deal?


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15 December 2001
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having caught the zelda bug again after playing twilight princess on my wii, i decided to dig out my old n64 and had a blast on ocarina of time - a game i never got round to completing.

anyway, back in those days, i wasn't so anal about the picture quality, whereas nowadays, i must have the best possible tv lead that you can buy. i was shocked by just how poor the picture is - shit loads of noise, blur and fuzz!

i had a quick look online and it seems that PAL n64s cannot produce a proper rgb signal, therefore what i'm seeing now is the best i can get! surely not!

i think there is a hack that you can do if you buy the right lead for PAL n64's - can anyone advise me on this?


If you have a decent enough PC get a N64 Emulator and try it :)



2 May 2003
Buy Ocarina of Time for Virtual Console. Simple :p
Yep much sharper graphics the only disadvantage is the controller, the n64 one is much more suited to the game however the classic controller is certainly adequate.

On another note does anyone know when or if majoras mask is coming out on the virtual console, it is one zelda game i never completed before selling my n64, mind u i never completed ocarina of time either as i gave up i think just after completing the water temple.
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