Right analog stick issues


16 February 2005
I use a Super Joy Box 5 (there name, not mine) and official PS2 controllers. For some reason the right analogue up and down is not recognised by the computer and hence you cannot configure it in PES6 Settings.

I know that it is neither the Super Joy Box nor the Controller at fault as they both work fine with PES5 on the same computer.

I think there was some discussion about this when the game was released and some people were waiting for a patch from Konami, but I assume that this never materialised.

Any help anyone ? Workarounds ? Any ideas at all would be good. Please




10 December 2005
Arsenal/OGC Nice
This thread solved my problem when I had Thrustmaster's wireless Dual Trigger that had the infamous right analog stick issue: http://forums.evo-web.co.uk/showthread.php?t=35751. Make sure there's no spaces in the registry locations you'll copy.

Now I have Logitech Rumblepad 2 and the right analog stick works out of the box. :)
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Citizen Erased

10 December 2003
total, did you find out about this?:

One more question: Is it possible to decrease the button sensitivity by just a little bit? The shot/pass gauge fills up way too quick.

Also, how do you calibrate the dual power 3 thrustmaster thing? as I seem to need to do that now, lol
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