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Riquelme quits Argentina national team


20 September 2005
The most classy and most underrated soccer player in the world has announced his retirement from Argentina national team.
Just want to say that I love that man and he makes me forget about everything when he touches the ball. But here´s a great tip, as a present for you all people, type "riquelme" in the text field of youtube´s index page and open your eyes. be ready to learn what football is all about.

End of communication.


9 January 2002
Superb player, I thought he might've done better in the WC.

Surprised he's quit the NT, thought he was relatively young. Mind you maybe it'll be one of them famous comebacks for the next WC.



15 February 2006
Racing Club de Avellaneda
hmmm although i agree that he is totally underrated by many, he is far from beeing a legend at least to the public. he probably quit cause he got tired of everybody hating him around here, cause every attacking midfielder playing for argentina seems to be the one that takes all the blame when something goes wrong with our team. it had happened with veron in 2002 and it is happening with riquelme this time.


14 March 2005
I'll certainly miss him. He won absolutely everything with Argentina.

(including "man of the match" awards in every single game he played for the "Alfilcelestes").

You are either too english, too brazilian, or too damn spanish to understand Riquelme. That's how great he was for Argentina.
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