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Robinho facing Real dilemma


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5 August 2005
Spurs, Suns and Cowboys
Real Madrid's Brazilian star Robinho is caught up in a club versus country row, according to his agent.

Wagner Ribeiro says the striker wants to play for Real in Sunday's title decider with Real Mallorca before joining up with Brazil for their Copa America campaign, which kicks-off in Venezuela on 26th June.

Brazil claim that under Fifa rules, they are entitled to call on Robinho 14 days before the start of the Copa America and have sent a letter to Real demanding his release.


fifa had better step in do the right thing, its the biggest game of his life for goodness sake!


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12 December 2005
Real Madrid
Brazil is crazy... Ronaldinho, Adriano etc etc doesn´t want to go and so they haven´t to go and now robinho wants to go later and it isn´t possible... CRAZZZZYYYYYYY
fuck Dunga
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