Rogerio Ceni, the best goalie freekicker of all time


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19 February 2003
I think it deserves its on topic, i saw a thread in another forum and i decided to put here.

Rogerio Ceni, Sao paulo goalie has 44 goals in his career , 11 only this year! (his record). Now many people from brazilian press qualify him as one of the best freekickers of brazil and perhaps the world. a shame coach parreira already made up his mind.

his stats.

Goals By FreeKick : 33
Pk's : 11

Goals this year : 11 (7 freekicks, 4 pk's)

Total of 44 goals.

Now some people will say that Chilavert was the best, but i found his stats and u can compare and you decided.


Goals by FreeKick : 13
Gols by Pk : 42
head : 1

Total of 56 goals.

He is retired, and Rogerio is 31 yrs old, probably this year or the next he will pass chilavert and be the goalie with more goals in the history of the game.

Heres a compilation video of the genius (a shame hes plays for sao paulo!, hehe)


1-Chilavert (56 goals)
2-Rogerio Ceni ( 44)
3-Higuita ( 40 )
4-Jorge Campos ( 31)
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1 October 2003
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Thats cuz he just copied and pasted the whole post from somewhere else. He should have copied the links separately.


seeing as how chilavert makes a living from twelve yards out... i think rogerio may have the upper hand. look at those freekicks, bloody!



I think is the best goalkeeper to freekicks, over José Luis Chilavert; probably he can pass him in one or two years more.


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29 July 2003
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much better than chilavert...
chilavert wasnt a great FKer...he just scored 13 goal througout his carrer...its like 1 per year...thats too few for someone that thinks hes a good fk taker..
youc an say that he was a great GK and a very good pk taker...but not a FKer

and Campos scored his goals playing as Striker...he wasnt a FK neither..

R.Ceni is the king of FK between GKs, and one of the best overal..
althout for the national team i still prefer DIDa as the first option than Gomes(PSV)
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