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2 June 2003
We really feel like the discussion in the two pretty much most active threads of this board has gotten out of hand over the past couple of days with the release of both major titles coming closer and more and more info surfacing.
We all want a lively discussion, but we also want to keep this forum to a certain standard that made it enjoyable to our members in the past.

So we ask you kindly to keep the spam out of the two big threads regarding FIFA and PES.

This is not ment as a censorship in any way, but the ratio between news and pure spam in the threads just got out of hand and is not manageable for the moderators.

If you do not agree with this, keep on posting spam (and any kind of pro / contra WENB is considered as spam!) and thereby disobey the rules of this forum you will be warned and eventually permanently banned.

-If you feel like the guys over at WENB are lying to your face
- let them know it, there is nothing we can do.

-If you feel like they ban you over there for no reason - it's sad to see something like that happen, but this is Evo-Web, not WENB. Again, there is nothing we can do.

-If you want to discuss the behaviour of the guys over there, please start a new thread and do so in a calm, normal manner without any sort of insult towards members of this forum OR the staff of the WENB.

-Most important of all: If they disappointed you in the past, STOP reading their blog. Why keep messing with something you don't agree with anyway? There are plenty of other preview websites on the net with pretty much the same content. And if it helps to keep this forum clean, please get your information either there or straight from our board.

Just to let you know. Behave, discuss, open a new thread if you feel like WENB is worth it. But please play by the rules. We do not want to ban you, but we will if necessary.

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