Runs well on PC but slight stutter


20 June 2003

Pro evo 6's running fine on my pc with an Nvidia card and the Pro Evo 5 settings for Vsync etc. However every now and then (usually in midfield) the game stutters. Can anyone tell me if this is likely to be a graphics card issue or rather CPU speed? It seems to inconsistent to be the graphics card, but i don;t have any other programs running.

Anyone else experienced this?

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16 March 2006
how fast ur CPU?

I ve got a laptop, n when my cpu is running at 600Mhz (min) it stutters but 1.6 Ghz its fine #.


28 October 2006
Have the same thing on various pc's. All have no problem running games like Battlefield 2 or similiar.....

Real shame, cause PES6 looks VERY badly optimized - even worse than PES5. :(
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