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Russian Team


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5 July 2005
Moscow, Russia
Manchester United
I think Pavel Nedved is a great addition to the squad.
haha.it's not funny.
I heard yesterday that John Terry had an interview and he said that he doesn't think that Russian team will qualify,but he hopes,because his friend Smertin plays there)))

:: JJ ::

Yegor Titov = biggest dope-taking cheating cunt ever.
Vadim Evseev = biggest foul-mouthed thespian fall on the floor cunt ever.

Sorry, still bitter :mrgreen:
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2 August 2004
Despite having a challenging group with several other good candidates for qualifying, I think eventually Russia will probably advance through its group and if it does, it'll become a force to be reckoned with by that time for the Euro's!

The team has a few very good players, some good players and lot of decent players and so the squad has enough ability to succeed. Another huge factor in a team's success is its management/coaching and thankfully for Russia, they have one of the world's very best in charge of their national team now in form of the legendary, Guus Hiddink. :applause: :applause: :applause:

Now it may and probably will take a while for him to get as familiar to all the players and Russian national team, the fans and the culture in general as much as he needs to be and to put his magic into full affect because these sorta things certainly can't happen immediately or over night. BUT it WILL happen and when this magician's affects are fully implemented in the team and the squad understands what he's all about and what he wants quite perfectly, he will make Russia a great team that will be tough for anybody to beat.

So it may take a while and not be an immediate thing but if I were Russian, I'd be looking very optimistic about the future. :8):

p.s. On a side note, I do hope Ivan Saenko gets a small chance sometime soon with the national team. He's a good player with blistering pace, still relatively young and can get a lot better even.

I don't expect him to be picked for the team just yet and make a huge impact but I think it's only fair if he's at least given a small chance. It won't do no harm to give him a few minutes as a sub in a game or two. Then if he impresses which I think he will if given the chance, he can become a permanent part of the squad and contribute something extra to the team. :)

And if he doesn't, well then at least he got his chance and didn't impress and that's why he's not being selected anymore.

They should and I'm hoping Hiddink will call him up for a couple friendlies and give him a chance to earn his place that way.

EDIT: one more thing.
I like izmailov but I haven't seen him play for a while .
Marat has been my fav Russian player for quite a few years now. He's naturally very talented.
But sadly he's not as good as he could be and will never I'm quite confident now fulfill his huge potential because he's extremely injury-prone. :(
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19 March 2005
Marat has been my fav Russian player for quite a few years now. He's naturally very talented.
But sadly he's not as good as he could be and will never I'm quite confident now fulfill his huge potential because he's extremely injury-prone. :(
sad thing to read :(


3 August 2004
Newcastle United FC
Russia has many talented young players like Shishkin, Bukharov, Pogrebnyak, Akinfeev, Bilyaletdinov, Zhirkov, Denisov and of course Ivan Saenko each one of those is already a rather good player and can become only better with time (esp. Shishkin, Saenko and Akinfeev, in my eyes they are the future stars of Russian football) .

Plus we have guys like Arshavin (overall best russian player, those who've seen him will agree on this), Aldonin (good dmf, the same level as Smertin and still only 26 y.o. better defensively althou lacks Alexei's attackin' skills), Malafeev (great keeper with fantastic reaction and good defensive and gk skills), Berezutsky Bros, Ignashevich (no need to tell anything about those three i think :mrgreen:), Pavlyuchenko (top scorer of the last season 18 goals in 26 games), Sychev and Kerzhakov (who hopefully will get in his best form once again after moving to Sevilla), who are already capable of lot's of things but are in the age of 24-27 years.

And of course the elders lol Titov and Semshov (althou it's really hard to call them elders really cos they are 30 and 28 y.o. respectively). Titov is a great playmaker, althou he's lost much of his pace in the past years, his paasing/vision are still there. Semshov is very versitle and all-rounded player, any team would be happy to have such a player in their squad.
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