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29 November 2005
Anyone else sick of seeing the same teams when you play online? More specifically Barcelona? I wish there was an option which would stop people constantly choosing the best teams, no point putting X amount of teams if everyone always chooses the same 5 teams.


30 December 2004
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Definately. I really don't mind who i am as long as the sides are even. I actually always wait until my opponent has picked their side and then pick a side thats pretty even to them.

For example, in the unlikely event someone picks a side such as Sheff Utd or reading, i would pick someone along the lines of watford, Charlton etc.

But sadly most people ended up going for the big sides, so i end up picking similar teams all the time and it gets very boring :(


hehe yeah thats true, although ive only played one online game against...yes barcelona! lol.

i guess its the same as PES5, where everyone would pick AC Milan. Personally in my opinion i've always thought that, if you really are the best player in the world (or want to be) you should be able to beat anyone with the majority of the teams on there.


5 November 2001
I created a ranked match with club teams a few days ago. Someone challenged me and I saw in his profile he only played with Brazil thus far.

He almost used all of his time in the team selection screen searching for Brazil :applause:
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