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Screen Flicker


10 November 2006
Hi, my screen has recently started to flicker players strech or the white lines on the turf moves slightly. One thing ive noticed its always a straight line either verticly or horizontaly (sp) accross my screen and about 2 maybe 3 yards from the ball. Always the same space. Sometimes i dont get it sometimes i do, i had this problem the first time i installed PES6 but it went away after maybe 2 games but since reinstalling its remained :( if anyone knows how to fix it ill be greateful :)

ps specs are as follows

Intel extreme core duo E6600 2.4ghz
Nvidia 7950 Gx2 1024mb gcard
2048MB DDR2 800 ram
250 gid sata hdd

also its not drivers recently updated everything including bios etc problem remains, and it cant be the hardware as this is only game it does it oblivion, EQ2, CSS, all working fine no flaws

thanks in advance
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