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secret footage of Arsenal Training


9 August 2004
haha, thats the Daily express advert,. or some newspaper like that


that sure is argentina...damn they got some actors in their team!


Looking for a Manager
25 July 2005
Arsenal Thread
The Arsenal FC
csaunders said:
ahh cmon bro, its funny!! You could replace "arsenal" with alot of teams...
I`m sorry for not laughing at ManU propaganda,I get da Hell out before I sell out!! :mrgreen:


The Pundit

I'm pretty sure this was posted the other day on pesfan, but they said it was Chelsea.

Although I don't like them, I don't really think Arsenal dive. Apart from Eboue.


2 August 2003



Vieira is the worst diver in Premiership history. He even gets injured from his own diving. He'd be a gold medallist if he was in the Olympics


Silent Assassin
1 October 2003
Manchester United
IceMan_Bergkamp said:
You make me laugh too... Rooney at OT against Campbell....

oh i'm sorry, he didn't dive, he 'won' a penalty. :lol:
You're right, that is funny. Cuz it won us the game. I dont think thats something YOU should be laughing at. :lmao:


football manager
5 January 2006
RuneEdge said:
Only Arsenal fans didnt find that funny. I wonder why...

Because their/our team got tagged as divers. Then again, with idols like wayne 'smartie pants' rooney in your avatar, it's unfair for us to expect that kind of insight.

I'd already seen this anyway, it's a good advert,but any discussion of diving that doesnt include spain as it's focus will be grossly incomplete.


8 June 2006
I don't mind diving really, it's the way they lie on the ground in sheer agony like a sniper shot their foot, and the physio comes on with the magic potion, sprays it and they are up and running in 50 seconds.

My favourite is when Rivaldo got hit in the leg with the ball, and at the same time someone through a brick at his face meaning he went down holding his face not his leg, sarcasm btw.

Diving happens that much you just need to get over it, and with these referees' these days it will carry on for years to come, face it, what's the worst that can happen? you dive, you either get a fk/pk or nothing happens.


28 June 2005
North London
Da Goons
csaunders said:
oh cmon, reyes is a complete and utter diver, so is pires... not to mention ashely cole..

What does a yank know about football.:shock:

Probably aint been to a REAL football match in his life.

bloody yanks.
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