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Selling D900, want good battery, camera, UI


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29 November 2005
I've decided I'm going to sell my recently upgraded Samsung D900 as the little things are staring to annoy me with it. I find the camera very poor (even compared to my previous W800i), the battery is poor (again worse than the W800i), the interface is awkward and not very user-friendly and the tones are poor.

My main concerns would be the battery and camera, so I'm looking to get a phone that would be able to satisfy my concerns with my D900. Preferably around the same price (In the UK) as I'll probably sell mine on eBay and buy one off eBay too. I don't really need anything which plays MP3's well as I have a dedicated player for that, but just generally a nice sturdy phone with the above features.

Any ideas?
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