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Server down?


League 2
6 December 2005
yep! same thing¬ i was in a game there ..lost connection to server during the match! this is seriously pissing me off.


I'll give it until 0:30 (BST). He might be on 'time and a half'- so it may well take a few hours! lol


Nice one! Better get on before the Germans nick the deck chairs!! ;-)

[EDIT] I'm currently 'having fun' on the 'Select Player File' Screen! Ahhhhhhhh... such relaxing music... [EDIT]
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Chopper Harris
8 August 2003
£29.99 ?

suggestions on a postcard how better you could use it on a Friday night / Sat AM

give them a week or two and Konami will sort it out
This is pissing me off. I got the game in the post 1 hour before I was due to start working on Friday, I got chance to play 1 match online and then when i get home it's all gone Pete Tong!

I'm dying to kick some ass on there FFS! Where is the communication from Konami dammit!
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