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Settle an argument please - Online disconnecting?


11 August 2006

Been playing Pro Evo 6 online for a while now and it's been great. Been playing this one guy who i'm in contact with on MSN and have been a while.

Anyway, the other month took an unexpected twist. I was 4-0 up on him at HT in a game where before we started he stated he was trying out a new formation. Obviously this formation was working a treat(:mrgreen: ) and at Half Time the connection was "mysteriously" lost.

Now to me, this was clear that he was in the huff and quit the game to save face. Now i don't mind this as we each have went into our little tantrums since Pro Evo 5 on the PC.

He however, says i am crazy for even thinking he would disconnect and even backed this up by saying he had stayed in the created room whereas if he disconnected on purpose he would've been kicked from the servers completely.

My argument to this however, is that i have heard if you quickly disconnect the ethernet cable and plug it back in quickly then this would explain why the game would be disconnected at Half Time but he would still appear to be in the room - is this true, is my main point? and do you find his actions rather suspicious ;) or like him do you think i have created this whole conspiracy

sorry to put you through this - would just like to clear this up



5 December 2004
Sometimes the game just disconnects due to problems reaching the server. I wouldn't read too much into it.
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