Share your WE/PES sessions with the world!


Champions League
13 November 2003
Mexico / Türkiye
I came to the idea of sharing/comparing how do we spend our great PES sessions. So, here it's mine:

I invite to my place 3 my cousins and 2 friends of mine who love playing PES as much as I do and we get to play 5 minute "Knockout sessions," and by knockout it means that we play 1 vs 1 5 min matches, so the thing is that every team that loses is out and you (or anyone else) can't choose it anymore, the winner team stays and we try to play using every team in the game in order to be the master of PES!

The thing is that we all start out picking great teams (holland, barcelona, milan...) and we end up playing Trinidad & Tobago vs Iran or something like that and it's quite funny at that point. So if you're in a great winning streak and you get to beat the best teams in the world, everyone will try to take you down using the lamest teams!
Of course there's a lot of beer and chips envolved, and a bonus: everytime u lose (or tie, because there is no extra time or PKs) you make a team dissapear and have a shot of tequila! lol
So if you're on a losing streak you eventually get humilliated because you're too drunk to play footie...
That's right, if they tie, they're both out!

So, that's how my friends and I spend our PES sessions that sometimes last 10+ hours.. We enjoy that so much because as all of us have to work and we live relatively far (and most important of all, we have girlfriend/wife!!) only get to do this like 3 or 4 times a year..

As you may have noticed, I'm not a native english speaker, I'm Mexican and I live in Mexico city (sorry for any grammar/syntaxis mistakes), that's why we get a lot of tequila! lol

It would be great if everyone share their experiences to know how the PES tribe from all around the globe has fun!
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