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Shoot + R2 : Shot Control ?


Fenerbahce Fan
17 August 2003
Saw this at command list;

Shot Control: Shoot + R2 when Gauge On

Tried it but couldn't see the difference, what is it?


Waiting for the postman..
9 August 2004
Its a side-foot shot, useful for getting some lift or curl on it.

I find it quite random though tbh.


2 August 2004
P-dogg said:
Its a side-foot shot, useful for getting some lift or curl on it.
That's what it is but you have to remember it's all about who you're doing this with.

Some strikers even though world class aren't exactly great at doing nice little shot techniques like this while some who are less than prolific are GOD at doing this like Bergkamp, Zola and players that usually are forwards but not supposed to be your main goal-scorer like SS position of Del Piero and Bergkamp and those guys.

This doesn't means others can't do it, even people with crap abilities might be able to pull off one or two which is great and realistic but overall look at Shot technique stat for seeing who you should try MORE of these technical beautiful inside the foot R2 shots with to have more success.
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