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Sidestep move; volleys on 360


27 June 2006
So I just downloaded pes 6 on the 360 and I love the gameplay.

However I can't figure out how to do that sidestep move that happened automatically on pes 5

nor do I know how to move when my player is vollying for position on balls in the air - it was r2 on pes 5



2 January 2007
hi shadow2k ,

from the manual

sidestep: to move at right angels to the current direction of movement press the (RT) button , then immedietly press the directional pad 90 degrees in either direction .

vollying for position on balls in the air : hold the (RT) button and use the directional pad to to position the player to meet the ball .

one more tip : to regain control of your player after you play him a through pass ( usually when u play a through pass the receiver player run after the ball automatically and you can't control either his speed or direction ) just press (RB) and (RT) simulataneously to regain control of the receiver player movement and speed .
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