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21 March 2005
This week some of the game magazines had the oppertunity to play pes6 on the ps2. Like a 90% version. I was one of them that had the chance to play with it. It's very different if you compare it with WE10. It has still the scoring problem. The keepers are better, but they don't catch the ball ofter, they stump it away(and the rebound comes,you know the drill). It's slower then Pro5 and you have better handling on the ball. I just played it for ten minutes. But i was pleased. We had to send the copy back to Konami, what a pity :(

I will keep in touch.


And the attributes?

You remember of some player that upgrade enough?

ps.: The copy was received, played, and returned in the same hour? :(
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29 June 2005
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the slower the better, WE10 was a wall of brick close to arcade as can get, and if i want an arcade game, i'll buy Fifa, thats great news, hopefully it's legit :) :D


21 March 2005

The copy we had that in hands for 1 day. But everyone @ the floor want to see and play the game. The attributes are the same. Juventus is still in. It's a little bit slower then Pro 5, almost the same. I know that players as Messi are greatly improved i saw some 90 +

In WE10 when u shoot, for a powerfull show u need everytime to hold r2
in pro 6 u dont have
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