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Six stars


League 1
14 August 2003
Just a tip, once you get enough WEN stick this on, it makes the game a lot better - I haven't noticed any of the OUTRIGHT cheating from the previous games and it's actually (believe it or not) easier to score against weaker opposition.

Can you believe that?

Don't ask me, but it's changed my opinion somewhat. I feel a lot more invigorated to play longer games.


I might try in on 6 stars, I just play 3 and maybe on 6 instead of cheating they will attack more.


Gordon's alive!
3 August 2003
I'm waiting for Pes5 myself but when I first tried Pes4 I just couldn't like it for some reason, then I moved it up to 6 stars and bingo, have been in love with it since.
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