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Skills in PES 6



What new skills are in pes 6
i heard that there were new signature moves
does anybody have any info
or pics and vids about it


18 June 2003
Planet Moufa
I suppose all the new mevoes that are in we10 will be in pes6.

That includes the Mathews faint, the V-faint and more players who can do the flip-flap.

I don't remeber any more moves in we10 cause I didn't use them that much...
My opinion is that we10 was a great game with the keepers just taking all the fun out of it.So, if all they do for pes6, in the 6 months they had to develop it, is to fix the keepers I will be happy!

Otherwise...no pes6 for me thank you.I had enough of that frustration in pes4!

But either way we10j-league is out on november so I guess there will be something for me to play in the end!


I've also heard that the Flip-Flap has been re-designed so you can now get past players by using this trick.
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