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Skills,Tricks and Moves



I completly understand if you want to keep your tricks to yourself but I was wondering who has mastered some real quality skills.
Heres a couple I like.
:l1: :triangle: -Lofts ball over the defence
2x :r2: -Step over (obvious I know)
Push analog stick back & press :l1: :triangle: -Flying back heel
Rotate right analog stick - Zidane turn
:square: then quickly :x: -Dumby
Repeatedly press :r1: -Sprint quickly (but control of ball gets harder)

If you got any tricks you wish to share then send in a reply.

p.s Are there any new tricks for PES5?


4 August 2005
There's the elastico in Pes5. And also some new dribbling animations, e.g. the new 90-degree turn where you can cut inside a player at high speed. There's also player specific cruyff turns for Cruyff, Henry, Gerrard, Raul and Alex Santos.


23 April 2005
dude those are normal..look at this side : www.pesmoves.com,
im playing winning eleven 9 at the moment wich will be pes 5 and knowing konami they wouldnt chance anything and yes there are new moves(not much)


PES2008 Guide Author
12 December 2002
Liège, Belgium
Standard Liège
I work on the WE9/PES5 version of the guide...

... did you see the size of this guide ? ? ?
No, I can't translate it in english, sorry !!


League 2
30 July 2005
Krapina, Croatia
Real Madrid, Dinamo ZG
I guess I could post this here. I made two CBs looking stupid with my 18 years old Babel. I have got the video, but can someone tell me how to post it and where?


League 2
6 August 2005
Flying back heel eh. I'll have to try that one.
In the meantime,does anyone have a video of that move.
Is it like the goal Zola scored for Chelski(vs Norwich i think in the cup).Sorta jumped spun round and backheeled the ball in the air or am i off track?
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