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Slide tackle spam when being outplayed

just a Matt

16 December 2020
I know this has been happening for years on football games, but it turns every match into a grind when you outplay someone with slick play and they resort to sliding tackle spamming, as if their constant two-man pressure the entire game wasn’t enough. If you show any kind of personality on the ball, 95% of opponents start getting aggressive, even resorting to rage messaging afterwards

These same players are always the most cheapest in regards to spamming long balls and throughballs to Mbappe. No personality, just ‘give me the ball, so I can hopefully hit this first-time ball to my pacy striker on my 57368th attempt this match’. I encounter this almost every game

I play full manual controls and enjoy creating triangles for satisfying, intricate-play, but it seems such is frowned upon. I genuinely smile when I play(maybe even get beaten) by a creative player, while on the other hand, I just go numb when conceding a sloppy goal to a pace abuser

So yeah, pointless topic, but after years of being away from online football games, it just hit me like a truck how grimy some players are. It becomes a chore, which is why I prefer Teamplay lobbies because they’re more laid back
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