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So, i will want to play Pro Evo 5 online, is it worth the costs to get modem etc??


3 October 2003
ok, those who have the modem, what do you have to pay, just included in ur pc internet cost?

where can u get a modem online cheapest... (and if i get it in the usa will it work in the uk?

do i need the ps2 hard disk?

and will there be lag playing ppl from ireland etc?

and basically, is it worth having the modem, and is it simple?


18 August 2003
I got one a couple of months ago and YES it is worth it. Just buy the network adapter from where ever (mine from play.com) it comes with an ethernet cable and the network disc. You dont have to pay for it apart from your normal internet costs. You dont need the harddrive either
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