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So NO ball editor? Who said it was in then?


Golden Boot Winner
6 February 2006
Newcastle United
I can't see anywhere where a ball editor could be in this game.

So i'd take it, it was all BS.

so which idiot if it is BS, claimed it was in?


What you mean Ball Editor...?

A balls a ball - round.

You can change the design on it and stuff in Settings before the game thats about it.


Football lover
6 June 2006
x X t o c z. said:
bs - bull sh.. you can guess the rest.

i for one, didnt hear anything at all about a ball editing feature.
dont be dirty , be clear !!!! :nono:
and right guess; bull shOW


17 April 2006
real sociedad
i heard about this but never beleived it. the only balls are adidas and reebok balls. you can use the nike aero 90 ball but only in the league mode if you play la liga.
pes 6 = a big disapointment
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