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So Pc vs PS2 doesnt work?


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3 May 2004
Guessing that was the root of the problems as i have yet to even get into ps2 lobbies.

Anyone actually played a game in the last few days (since it worked)



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21 February 2003
It works alright, but you have to use the "common" lobbies.

It's the English/French server, then the English common lobbies. Should work just fine. ;)


11 August 2006
i'm the same, i was wanting to play a friend online - i've got PC version he's got PS2

but i can't enter the PS2 lobby's either. I even tried the common friendly lobby's in the English / French server, getting the same "cannot enter lobby" error

hope it's possible sooner than later


21 April 2003
I've played with a few of my mates who have ps2s, but only in the joint common/friendly servers.

Anyone know if it's possible to play pc vs ps2 for points? eg not friendly

Iancrfc, make sure you have enabled 'multi platform' in your online settings ;)


You first need to go into any lobby you can enter. Then go to network settings. Somwhere in the list that comes up is an option for multi-platform. Set it to true. I don't know why you need to enter a lobby first to get to this setting but as it applies to the player rather than the lobby.
The setting gets saved to the player profile I think.


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3 August 2004
When you enter a lobby you can change 'multi platform' into yes or no.

I've played one game today against a friend of mine who owns the PC version (I have the PS2 version) and it played like a dream. We live in the same city and both have high end ADSL connections. Absolutely no lag, none, nothing!
Also no half time connections and stuff, just plain good football.

We met in English/French, common friendly lobby. It's there in the middle.
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