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some words for WE10 from an veteran

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2 July 2004
I think, I have played all games ever. Before Winning Eleven/PES, I was into ISS and ISS Deluxe on the SNES, ISS64 and ISS98 on the N64. I have played professional soccer myself and wanted to share my impressions of the new WE10:

The gameplay is better, much better. Now the player controls the ball much better and I can feel the skills of the player. When I run with Messi, I feel like I am Messi, this young talent that is just looking to challenge players with his speed and skill. When I am Ronaldinho I feel like creating amazing plays while doing zigzag thru the defence.

Passing is much better, although, when I do thrupass and press triangle alot harder, instead of sending it to the furthest player, it sends to a player in the middle of the field. Maybe I am doing it wrong. I am not very big fan of the L1+Triangle pass, it seems like it goes straight up in the air and then back down again.

If anyone else would like to add their 2 cents please do so. If there is something weird I wanto know...
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