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Someone can help me??



I´m portugues and in the portuguese forums exist an question, if someone can help us to solve this litlle problem I stay very happy. lol. What the really difference of PES6 PS2 version and the PC version, because in the PC the game is more slow and the players look biggers and the LAG of the game in PC is enormous. This is my opiniom but exist people that said that the game have not diference. Is true? Have some difference or not?


League 2
23 October 2006
Basically no difference. I assume Lag occurs not because PES6 PC ver is different from PES6 PS2 ver but because your PC's performance is under the system requirement.

On my pc, PES 6 is played much faster than PS 2, with much higher graphic quality-thanks to the magical kitserver.
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