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Sony PlayStation


23 October 2002
Astro playroom is cool , when the wind blows the control feedback is crazy. This doesn't feel like a gimmick at all

Flipper the Priest

Born to score
15 July 2003
Sorry to answer this, but this is unmistakably Scottish. :LOL: I love it!

Nice to hear some genuine thoughts in a video format, @GlesgaGreg! :APPLAUD:
I'm always quick to scotch (see what I did there) any suggestion that there's a Scottish accent! Being from Aberdeen with relatives in Orkney and Motherwell and close colleagues from Dundee - it's an absolute kaleidoscope. Ironically we're all great at the glottal plosive, which makes glottal plosive and Scottish unnatural to pronounce 'properly'. But if the Queen's got a problem with that I'll meet her at Newcastle and she can enunciate it to my face.

Enjoyed the vid. Nice to see a 'normal' take on the console. I'm jealous of people who want it, never mind own it, but I will buy it at some point. I get the issue with the controller, and it could be a problem for me and my wee hands.


16 June 2007
Manchester United
it could be a problem for me and my wee hands.
Hello folks - I've done a small impressions vid of my first day or so with the PS5 on my Youtube, any views would be much appreciated :)
I finally measured my hands and they're quite a bit smaller than the average male. :SMOKIN:Like you said, it's the lack of a concave back that makes it more cumbersome for certain people. The height (the midsection) of the controller is also taller than its predecessors. The DS4 fits my hands like a glove, but the DualSense cramps my hand because I'm constantly fighting to get to a hold of the damn thing! I realize I'm an outlier.

I went from cancelling my preorder to ordering a PS5, a new desk, chair, 4K TV, and decor. I'm in the spending mood. Having a great time with backwards compatibility while I wait for my setup since I only ever had a launch PS4. In fact, I might start Ghost of Tsushima before I even touch a PS5 title. At least I can use the DS4 for PS4 games.

The Home button on the DS4 is a lot better as well.
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11 August 2003
Welwyn Garden
Exeter City
That happens all the time with console launches.

When buyer receives, they just need to open a case and return the product.
eBay love siding with the buyer.

If anyone wants a photo of a PS5, I will happily do one for a minor charge of £30.. I will even laminate it for you at an additional £20.


28 May 2003
Tottenham Hotspur
Right, had the thing 24 hours and haven't taken it out the box.

So much different buying things as an adult with a income. Seemed so much more exciting getting a console as a gift or knowing it would make you broke for a period of time.

Need some mojo to open the thing.
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