Sopranos Series 6 ******Major Spoilers*********


Take that Mr Silva
21 June 2003
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Anyone see last nights eposde? talk about a start to the final series. If they continue on like that, it'l be one of the best. Was like "WTF" when tony got shot and slightly wincing when that guy was hanging. Sopranos is great for its unflinching realism. Lovin it, this series is gonna be massive.


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8 August 2003
I wouldnt go that far with it, A good start to the series yes but one of the best... weve got along way to go yet, The Tony getting shot was a bit lame for me as we know he has to be in the rest of the series!


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19 August 2003
Just watched the first episode. Was surprised to see Gene was a rat, even more surpised when he hung himself only moments later.. Well maybe not surprised as it was kind of coming, but it was still a little unsettling.

I expect Curto to still play a part later in the season, despite dying early in the episode. As it would've been kind of pointless to have him introduced as rat in season 2, and kill him off in 6 without any follow-ups.

Can't wait for episode 2 anyway.
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