Sound and Graphics Problems




I hope someone here can help me, as I'm looking at sending this game back - and I only got it today!

When I start the game and you get the "Pro Evolution Soccer 5" welcome message, it is crackly and kind of echoes. That's just the start of my problems. When I start a game, not only is the sound terrible, but the game runs smoothly, but very very slowly.

I've set all detail down to the lowest it can possibly go but the problem remains. I have just uninstalled all my video and sound card drivers and installed the latest versions, but it has made no difference.

My spec is
AMD 3800XP Dual Core processor,
ATI Radeon X800 GT,
Creative Audigy 4 sound card,
MSI K8N Neo Motherboard.

Has anyone got any ideas of what I can do before popping this game back in the post?!

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