Sound Lag


16 January 2007
I know there is countless threads, and in one I did find an answer for my query, my problem is :-

I have evolution 1.1 and when I start the game up for the first time each day, the sound is fine for the first half or so, then it starts to bit by bit get slower.

For example, if I take a shot, the kicking sound plays about a second or so later, which means if a goal goes in, the sounds play after, after 2 or 3 games it's every 2nd pass it does it, makes me have to play the game with no sound!

I have seen a fix for this somewhere in a previous thread I am sure, but damned if i can find it again.

My specs are

260gb hard drive
ati x300se card
128 video memory
512 ram

Initially I had the stuttering problem to, but changing to omega drivers has reduced that immensely.

Any help or ideas welcome.
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