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Specific skills for specific players in WE10


12 April 2004
FC Barcelona
Anyone knows which players has characteristic skills or type of run, shot, freekick?
I noticed that Messi run like in real life (quick legs). C.Ronaldo,Ronaldinho, R. Carlos, Ronaldo, who's els?

Special shot with L1" Del Piero, Pires, Henry who's else?
Flip-flap:Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, C. Ronaldo, Wilhelmson, Rosales, Ibrahimovic, Takahara who's else.

Who's shot free kicks like R.Carlos?

Maybe in WE10 more players have new individual skils?


Stretford End
9 August 2005
Ive seen Zlatan do his version of the flip-flap. The ball doesnt go in the air, but zips sharply in front of him at an angle. Tried it using the triple tap but he did it like Ronaldinho. But he definately did it like he usually does


i hail from ISS time
9 November 2004
yes the flip-flap has been changed...ronaldinho has he's own style of doing it like zaltan and c.ronaldo:) nice


2 August 2004
Well the shoot likes or runs like aren't really special skills. They're just set in basic settings from options like Run style #1-3 or more and FK style #1-9. Same goes for PK style taking.

I don't think if we want to get best out of this topic we should mention who runs different or shoots like Carlos but who has real SPECIAL skill that can't be set in "Edit mode" (Like the Roberto Carlos shoot that can!) like the people who can do flip flap for example or what Riquelme can do that others can't and other individual skills like that which have been hardcoded into the player in programming and unable to set in "Option file in edit mode"

So good idea for thread but let's get specific :)


Silent Assassin
1 October 2003
Manchester United
Rooney also does the L1 special shot. He also had it in the last game.


Discovered The FK Bug
30 November 2003
SL Benfica
Ronaldinho has certain passes like he does in real life: outside part of the foot and pretending like he's not passing to the area he's passing.


14 August 2003
Japon, Argentine, Espagne
I think it's not a special skills, but I'm not sure, but I've just see a computer's player that let the ball pass through his legg, and he run and get the ball.It's not easy to explain, but if you remeber, it's as Rivaldo in 2002, during the world cup final, who let the ball for Ronaldo. But in WE 10, the player let the ball pass, and run again to get it.
Do you know how is it possible to do it ? Probably with R1, but I never make it :-(
Thanks ;)


World Class
7 June 2003
while the pass is reaching ur player, hold r1 and the direction the ball is travelling... they had tat in we9 already


26 October 2005
sg-40 said:
Messi can do the rabona shot

I've never seen him do that in real life :lol: Anyways, does Riquelme have a special animation while he is running like Ronaldinho does?


RuneEdge said:
Rooney also does the L1 special shot. He also had it in the last game.

Any vids about these shots. I've never seen them before


13th Squad Captain
4 February 2004
Manchester United
Ok guys here's the player specific shot that from what i know, only Del Piero, Henry and Rooney have.
Lob Shot
Since there all right footed players you have to be coming down on goal near or inside the penalty area and execute a chip shot like you would normally :l1: + :square: it works so well during a match, the times i have done it the keeper thinks its going wide and wont even go for it.

The V fient i think needs to be cleared up for those having trouble doing it. If the player is attacking to the right and is right footed, stop hold :r2: then press back then diagonal right DOWN during the drag back. It will NOT work if you try diagonal right UP with a right footed player, thats for left footers.
V fient

Hope that helps :D


Androctonvs said:
Ronaldinho has certain passes like he does in real life: outside part of the foot and pretending like he's not passing to the area he's passing.
still havent seen this in the game :(

any tips on how to do it??
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