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Speeding up PES6 on my POS computer.


1 December 2006
Specs are:

Athlon XP 2800+
GeForce FX5200 128MB

I can play the game perfectly at 800x600 on Low settings, anything above that, even 800x600 on Medium settings i get major slowdown, its annoying having to play a game with that good graphics and make it look like an N64 game. Im not in any sort of financial position to get a new processor or graphics card at all, maybe another stick of RAM if that would help.


Kitserver dev team
9 December 2006
I had nearly the same specs (also a FX5200), and had the same problems. After changing my graphics card for a 6600GT (which was cheap compared to others), it was immediately better and i can play on the highest settings without problems. Btw, don't give too much on the memory of the g.c., both my old and my new card have 128 MB, so this isn't that important.


13 December 2002
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no gonna work m8, the frame rate will still be poor on his machine, PES needs to by sync'd at 60Hz for the game to run properly.


i got a

128mb RAM
Ge Force FX5500 256mb

hope PES 7 works on mine, all the others worked fine on low graphics lol think i need a better ram or summit cos i cant play C&C tiberium wars :( says low virtual memory


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4 September 2006
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Those who feels PES6 is slow,can download a software called CM$ Speeder.
However I play with 245 RAM,128 FX 5200 on Intel PV 3.0GHz machine,with Graphics Card Setting set to "Best Performance" instead of "Quality" and Low Display and 800x600 resolution.
In case you Use CM4 Speeder,[??B] to Browse the PES6.exe and once located click the [??R] button/Run button,let the match be started and then slide the CM$ Speeder Bar to a suitable value to increase game speed.
I personally need to slide to 1.15,and higher speed may crash the game.
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