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Speedy opponents. Help or advise needed.


16 June 2007
Madrid, ES
Real Madrid
Hi all,

I have found some players online that seem a lot faster than me regardless of attack or defence. I will try to explain it a bit better...

When I am running on attack, at full speed, and I have a defender chasing me, he always reaches me and surpasses my player with ease, or gently pushes my player and I loose the ball.

Same on defence, there are some players out there that seem impossible to stop when running, even though I am sprinting and pressing "A".

Coincidentally, these players' teams are also specially well positioned, I mean, as soon as my players receive a pass, the opponent has a defender at my back and It makes it impossible for me to turn around and advancing...

How is this whole "thing" done? What am I doing wrong? Anyone can help me please?

PS: I promise not to tell it to anyone, your secret will be well-guarded... ;)
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