Stamina bar and free kicks over the wall


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28 June 2005
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Before each game I choose my squad and I can't understand these two bars that are there. One is green and the other one is brown I think. What do they show? I have understood that the green one is stamina but what about the other one? Or am I wrong about the green one too?
Now about the free kicks. I know how to put curve on the ball but when I have a good place to shoot (about 18m) I hit the wall almost every time. Is it possible to kick a ball that goes high and drops quickly or smth? I have tried pressing up/down arrow but I haven't noticed any difference I think. Maybe a little bit or is it just me seeing weird things...
Please help because I have played the game for a long time now but I still haven't figured these things out yet.


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1 October 2003
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Its possible to hit the target with freekicks from anywhere in the oppositions half. Even if you are too close, its still possible to get it over the wall and back down in time.

Its just something you'll have to keep practising.


2 August 2004
The two bars are one for stamina and the other one for accumulated fatigue.

As for FK's its basically what RuneEdge said, it's possible from any distance to get over ball and score and hit target but it all comes down to practice.

But you also you have to know some tricks and put them in practice so obviously I'm not there with you to help best I can but what I suggest is depending on how far away from goal you are, you need to hold the power bar till a certain distance. Usually at least half way will mean it'll get it over the bar but of course it depends on distance so if its very close, you should do even less than half or it might go over bar and if its too far you need more than half, if its really far sometimes even 3/4.

But one thing I learned a little over a year ago which I don't know if it has affect or not but honestly made many of my problems in scoring FK's away was that after I've hit the FK, if you hold X I find it makes it go JUST over the wall and then dip low (that is assuming you have done the right AMOUNT of POWERBAR meaning if you mess that up, no button is gonna save you).

Someone told me this and at first I thought it probably is bull$hit, doesnt make difference but soon I saw by holding X after having taken a shot, a lot of the FK's I'd hit that would usually catch the head of someone in wall now have JUST enough to go over their head and then dip low and hit the target or even score.

Hope that helps.


2 August 2004
Well you can always practice man. You don't need the file for that.

@BK, no mate it's the Accumulated fatigue bar which is affected by the stamina bar because the more the player loses stamina and you don't sub him or play him in consecutive matches, the more you'll see that fills up. And hence the more the accumulated fatigue bar fills up, the lesser stamina your player will START the next game with (so he wont have 100% stamina even when he's starting game because he's still tired from previous matches if he has accumulated fatigue).

But of course what you said is also indirectly affected by it. The more tired the player is (at lower condition) if he's playing the more chance of an injury and a serious injury but no it's not an injury bar ;)

take care


League 2
28 June 2005
Estonia, at school!
Real Madrid
OK, now I get it. You said I don't need the file to practice. I just don't want to enter the game before I can play new looking exciting matches. I prefer playing NBA 06 in the meantime.


20 August 2005
you can alter the power of the freekicks by holding these buttons after you have charged the bar:
triangle-more power, the ball doesn't dip after the wall
x-less power, the ball goes over the wall and dips down to enter the goal
up-ball dips, less power
down-ball goes strait ahead, more power


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26 November 2005
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another free kick i use is when you are on the edge of the box near the D, aim far away from the keeper, press up and tap O (small amount).
I score with this quite regularly and it's great to punish people that foul you on the edge of the box before you shoot


note also that FK pratice depends on the FK taker you use.
Beckham can not be handled like Juninho for instance, and even more like R. Carlos.
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