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Strikers join the wall when opponent wins FK outside your area


5 May 2006
Is it possible to make a striker run back and join the wall when opponent has won a FK outside your area? e.g I 've seen that in real life forwards like Drogba and other tall players join the wall. Is there a way to do that?


I love lamp
18 March 2006
Nope, currently the selection of wall players seems pretty random, or alteast beyond your control (unless you are willing to go into formation settings and swap players for eachother whenever a FK happens).

I think that would be a good option for next games. Being able to select for example what players are eligible for being in the wall, and where in the wall they should be (in the middle or such).

Then you could also just make sure to select your three tallest players for example, and those are always in the wall. The other wall players are selected by the computer when needed.
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