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Strikers with too high defensive stat


29 October 2005
My Eusebio has about 70 for his defensive stat, and I know other forwards like di Stefano has over 70. I notice that even though I have him on lowest defensive awareness in my formation settings, he still runs back to defend a lot, meaning my counter attacks don't work all the time because I have to wait for him.

Has anyone else experienced this? Do you think this is caused by the striker's high defensive stat? Or does it have nothing to do with it?

I must admit though I have my team tactics - Counter attack on lowest. I prefer possession football, but that doesn't mean my strikers have to run all the way back to my own penalty box, does it?


3 August 2003
There's a manually activated tactic (the kind that you use :l2: + button to activate) called Counter Attack, this should have your strikers stay forward in case of a counter attack. Try it, it might work for you.
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