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stuck in the past!


11 August 2003
to sum it up and make it short, i got stuck playing the pc pes 3 version of winning eleven. over time i couldnt change and by the time i did i just cant and dont want to adapt to the new ones, I have years of comfort in this one. I'm wondering if anyone knows where i can find mod patches for it, as my hard drive died.

thanks in advance for any help!


10 November 2003
Its funny cause i played a few games of pes3 on my ps2 yesterday.

Just because i remembered it as a very good pes version.
I still think its good, but when comparing to PES6 must say that the game has improved much over the years.

Sorry but i have no idea where you can find patches.
I remember patching my pes 3 ps2 copy with johnboyo's patches.

Maybe if you google his name you can still come up with something.

Good luck


11 August 2003
I'll give it a try.

I realize the game has improved, its just that Im content with the simple game play of the old version, and cant be bothered to learn all the new features and quirks. If i wanted realism, id go to the park!

thanks again
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