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Stupid ball selection !!!

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12 September 2005
I really dun understand why Konami is so stupid about the ball selection in WE9.

What we got is the Pelias II , Finale and many many many F50,
What the hell is the F50s balls ???

I mean,the Pelias and finale is a must,but must they put in those F50s,maybe one will do, what team or league or competition uses F50 ?
its just an commercial ball by adidas,are they trying to promote this stupid ball here in WE9? most of the F50s are rarely seen,not even seen someone play an official match with it.

Where are the FEVERNOVA and ROTEIRO ?? how can they not put in those 2 big-competition-official ball instead of those never seen before F50s?

and why is there a PLAIN ball ? can't they just put something or any ball, KONAMI is so stupid with this, can't they just replace they PLAIN ball with the Nike Aerow ball design,not exactly ,but just look alike.

Stupid KONAMI, hope they improve on this !!!
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