12 February 2005
The Hoops
Does any one play or used to play subbuteo here?
any one got a collection ?
i think is a great game even now but the new one thats out with the paper guys i dont like that it all to much advanced u get special saucers that do differnt things. i prefare the plastic the good old way.
me and two other peepo from my family have started a league and play each other once every week, pay a pound a week and once weve played 38 games the winner gets most of the money


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8 January 2002
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When i was a kid i spent hours of subbuteo playing...lately i've bought a book about the history of subbuteo...The first players were in cardboard...maybe the ones you mention are some sort nostalgy item...Just wanted to point out that the plastic one are not the oldest...One of these days i'm gonna give the title and the author of the book...

By the way, did you know that the guy who invented subbuteo was an avid bird watcher and that "subbuteo" is the latin name of his favourite bird (a variety of falcon if i remember well).


28 June 2002
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hi chaps

"the champion game of all" if i remember correctly!

my dad got me into it as a young lad - i used to have a basic pitch on the floor which often led to crushed players!

As i got older, I had a astroturf pitch mounted on a board and played on the dining table. I had loads of teams although no cardboard ones like my Dad & Uncles used to play with.

fav teams were Aston Villa (85/87) -
& Man City (87/88) -

Anyone else ever polish their players bases to aid movement across the turf ?


ps - Gerd i think the bird was a hobby hawk and the word means "hobby" as in a pastime


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15 October 2002
I used to be an Ameuter subbuteo player. played in the under 19 FISTF World Cup a couple of years ago. got knocked out in the last 16 by the top under 19 english player at the time (forgot his name). he was in the top 10 world rankings. after that my ranking shot up to 63 :lol: then uni came along and didnt have enough time for it anymore. i tell u what though, the world cup was awesome. picture about 200 players under one roof from different categories. about 30 or so pitches all lined up next to each other. hearing players cuss in different languages when they conceed or miss a goal. the atmosphere was brilliant. :lmao:


I always wanted to know how to play this. What are the rules? How do you maintain/lose possession? Does the ball roam freely from one player to another? Does my ass look big in these jeans?


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6 October 2003
Oh the memories...I spent many an hour as a kid crawling around my subbuteo pitch on the floor, knackering my knees in the process;).
I had all sorts of accessories, from the pitchside cameramen to the stands and floodlights, dozens of teams, and always a line of 'injured' players on my bedside cabinet with the obligatory blob of glue around their feet :). Also had many great matches playing against mates, uncles, brothers--in-laws etc.
Top, top game.


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15 October 2002
ghazi said:
I always wanted to know how to play this. What are the rules? How do you maintain/lose possession? Does the ball roam freely from one player to another? Does my ass look big in these jeans?

Dunno about the rules u get in the box but in the FISTF competitive games i used to play there where some key rules.

- Games where played out in two 15 minute halfs.
- flicking a player requires you to use your finger nail. ie u cannot use the back or side of your finger to flick. dragging isnt allowed either
players in possesion of the ball can flick a player onto the ball a maximum of 3 times. after that he cannot use that player until another of hit players hits the ball.
- the defending player (the one not in possesion) has the option to make a defensive flick every time the player in possesion flicks a player and hit the ball. the defensive flick cannot though hit either the ball or any other player on the pitch. hitting any player will require the opposing player to either call a "back" in which the player will be moved back to its original position. if however the player hits the ball a foul is called. the opposing player will have the option to call for a free kick or a "leave" in which play continues normally.

i think i mentioned most of the main rules. quite fun once u get a game going. the competitive games are really fast paced and require excellent reflexes and aim. :)


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12 September 2002
I remember playing a European league for years.
Best teams (every year, i was an only child and cheated like hell) were RWDM (my favouriter Belgioan team), Man Utd (i had put myself as a sweeper in United team with the united line up and Dalglish as CF, Dalglish was my favourite player), Rangers (sorry FD & Classic) West Ham, Polish team Ruch Chorzow and German team Eintracht Braunschweig. But the overall best team was Grasshoppers Zurich because i was fond of their kits. I made up an all-star team for Grasshoppers (the Swiss Galacticos) with the best player in the league: Scottish player Sandy Jardine. I hated Italian and Spanish football and so team like Milan, Real MAdrid and Barcelona were in the game to receive thrashings by the above mentioned teams...all very realistic...


4 March 2002
I seriously haven't got a fucking clue what that was about. Can someone explain me the rules again, I'm thinking of buying this product.


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12 September 2002
I'm not sure if it still exists Joost. It's not a video was some sort of table football game..but a very good one. What follows is a description in Dutch...sorry about that.

Ik zal het maar in het Nederlands beschrijven, dat lukt me beter.
het wordt gespeeld met plastic spelertjes die aan de basis min of meer afgerond zijn. Je stoot ze verder met je middelvinger en zo "schop" je ook op op de bal.

For those who want to know everything about it, there is book about SUBBUTEO since about a year.
"Flick to Kick" by Daniel Tatarsky, edited by ORION (ISBN: 0 75286 083 6).

The story in my previous post is from way back in the seventies... I remeber i gave mine to a younger cousin when i had my first girl the time i wanted to act as an i'm longing to be adolescent again...if i had known then...
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15 October 2002
sounds like the 1950 editions you're talking about mil. players where just made of card stuck on REALLY rounded bases. an old timer who used to play at the same club as me had them. he couldnt be bothered playing with the more flattened newer types.


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8 July 2003
does anyone hav any clips of any masters at work?
i used to be able to get my freekicks up and down the wall and score...:)
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21 April 2003
i used to love the game, when i first played i kept flicking their heads and they snapped luckily they werent mine, they were my mates.
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