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Superpatch Crashdown!!! :(


13 February 2006
Yo guys,

I have a weird problem, and until now no-one has solved the problem for me so thats why I come here (to the experts hehe 8)).

I bought PES5 in the store and played it for a while, untill I heard about the Superpatch. At that moment, SP2.0 was already out and since you don't need SP1.0 for SP2.0 I installed SP2.0 directly on a clean install from PES5 :) But then the problems started, because when I would like to start a match PES crahses down when you see 'now loading' in the left corner!! :shock:

Now here's what I've done en what's on my PC now:

I have done:
1) Installed the optionfile whitch is deliverd with the Superpatch 2.0
2) The files '0_sound.asf', '0_text.asf', 'e_sound.asf' and '0_sound.asf' replaced with the files I've downloaded with the Superpatch 2.0
3) PES5.exe replaced with the PES5.exe from the Superpatch 2.0

PS: I downloaded everything from http://www.gbase.ch/forum/viewtopic.php?p=46606#46606

On my computer is now:
1) A /PES5 folder on my HD with the new PES5.exe, a readme.htm and settings.exe
2) In the /PES5 folder the /dat folder including the new, patched files 3) A /KONAMI folder in My Documents with an EMPTY Pro Evolution Soccer5/save/folder1 (no replays and saves), only the optionfile is in it. And oh yeah, there's a settings.dat file in the KONAMI/Pro Evolution Soccer 5 folder.

Now, what have I done wrong?? :(

Maybe a last important note: I tried to find out by myself in what file the error was, and only with the 0_text.asf it crashes. So I can play PES with al the new files patched, but when I copy 0_text.asf over the original 0_text.asf it goes wrong! So it can be in that big file only, but it can be a combination of files not working together too I guess.

IF it's in the 0_text.asf, can anyone please upload his version of this file? Maybe I have an incorrect file or something :( But..it can be a simple little thing too, and that's why I'm asking you Pro's for your help! 8)



28 November 2005
Manchester United FC
why dont you jst install 1.0 and then 2.0 that could rectify some of the problems?


13 February 2006
Ey Valmir...IT WORKED :D :D

Thnx mate, I'm a very happy man now!!! :D

To other users of the 3D Analyze program: be sure the files for this program are not in your PES folder, because otherwise it won't work..
So..place it for example like this:

C:/Games/other games or something
C:/Games/3D Analyze..

It could be on E:/, F:/ or whatever, as long as its nog in .../.../PES5!!!
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