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Superpatch for PES6?


27 November 2005
Any1 kn0w if this is on the way? i cant wait to have superpatch2 level of changes to 6 :) or can you folks recommend some good patches floating around already, for kits/stadiums etc.. also is there a tool yet to make the game engine use the higher detail levels lik what came with the superpatchs for 5?
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28 November 2005
Apparently juce if all goes well will release kitserver 6 on sunday.Theres a superpatch being made currently but its called Evolution check the editing section for more info


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18 March 2006
There is a rudimentary "beta"-kitserver already out with LODmixer working. But if a "real" Kitserver might make an appearance soon you might aswell hold off a while I guess.
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