Swap Magic and Slim tool/Flip Top Cover


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21 August 2005
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Please help, I want to get WE10 and i have a Slimline PS2, I am going to get Swap magic but which tool should i get? Slim tool or FLip top Cover? And Could someone direct me to a site which you can get Swap magic and Slim tool/Flip top In £. Thanks in advance.

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19 February 2005
I have an older version PS2 with a flip top. I think it is easier to use then the slide tool. I did some research before I bought mine, and alot of people on various forums said they had problems with the slide tool. Sometimes the tray would get stuck and the PS2 would no longer work. The flip top for the slim line PS2 looks easier to attach then mine. Good luck. :)


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30 December 2001
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all you need is flip top cover the cover comes right off not like old ps2 where it had the switch cable attached.

But you still need the swap magic dvd's
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