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Swap Magic for WE9



Is this risky to install in anticipation to the release of WE9??
What are the pros and cons - will it definately work or are there other alternatives apart from a mod chip?

Sorry I was looking on the website - its changed since i've been away travelling!

I just don't want to waste it and it go all pete tong!

Thanks in advance - i know its a repetitive question but i just need clarification!!

Cheers Novo!


19 June 2004
well all the previous versions have worked so I dont see why this should'nt either, in any case we just wont know for sure until it is released. there's usually work arounds for all games if there is some sort of protection.
7 August 2004
got swapmagic3.6 for we:lw and it works great. It is for the old ps2 however. Installation is very easy aswell. Hopefully there will be no problems for the we9. All the new games ive tested so far have worked


Nil Satis Nisi Optimum
8 April 2004
Is this how most of you guys are playing WE? I have just ordered swapmagic3.6 is it as easy as it says? I have seen some translated option files how easy/hard is it to navigate around the other menus? fingers crossed everything will work as this will be my first WE :D
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7 August 2004
its very easy, just follow the instructions from the swapmagic site and youll be fine. Because of this ive discoverd the great patches doing the rounds and cant go back to pes4


Nil Satis Nisi Optimum
8 April 2004
Thanks for the answer :salute: i am now even more excited!!! (Maybe a bit to excited for an 28 year old :roll:)

Anj Dey

I've pre-ordered Winning Eleven 9 & am gonna order Swap Magic 3.6 this week. I've downloaded a instruction demo from the Swap magic website & it looks straightforward to use. It doesn't cause any problems to the actual disc tray does it? Can anyone clarify?


7 October 2003
you could always wait for PES5 it will be the same game plus it will be in English. I have WE8LE and also use swap magic my version is 2.0 and that also works just to let you know.


i thought swap magic dont usually play the dvd games


6 September 2003
My friend gave me a patched version of WE8 LE the other day. I haven't been able to play it yet cause I haven't got a Swap Magic disk yet. The patch is burnt onto a DVD-R.

Will I have any problems using the Swap Magic with a patched copy of WE8LE on
DVD-R? Do most patched games work with the swap magic? Any advise appreciated.


Little Thoughts
4 August 2003
Yes, most DVD-R games will work with Swap Magic. If the game is patched correctly then it will work with Swap Magic.
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